Pork fillet "Avli"€12.00

(sweet sour)

Chicken "Avli"€12.00

(sweet sour)

Pork fillet grilled€11.00
Pork fillet with roquefort sauce€12.00
Beef steak€14.00
Pork chop€8.50
Lamb chops€11.00
Grilled beef burger€9.00
Stuffed beef burger€10.00

(cheese, tomato, peper)

Pork souvlaki€9.00
Chicken souvlaki€9.00
Grilled chicken fillet€8.50
Chicken with roquefort sauce€12.00
Mix grill€13.00

(For 1 person)

Mix grill€25.00

(For 2 persons)

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